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Trail to Tomorrow Dedication & Group Hike

Trail to Tomorrow Dedication & Group Hike


10:00 am - 1:00 pm


Trail to Tomorrow
Tough End, Grand Lake Stream, ME, 04668

“Trail to Tomorrow” is DLLT’s latest trail project.  It was inspired by a 1957 essay published in Yale Conservation Studies by John R. Schaefer, and the concept for an interpretive nature trail in the village of Grand Lake Stream was developed by Schaefer’s children, including DLLT Board Member Stephen Schaefer.  With a focus on educating future generations on the numerous benefits of conserving natural resources, Schaefer’s essay was many years ahead of its time in the world of conservation.  The trail moves over fairly level terrain, and is easily accessible to visitors and residents of the area.  The trail features botanical identification tags and educational signage that highlights the flora and fauna of the Downeast Lakes region.  In the future, the Trail to Tomorrow will be a great asset to DLLT’s year-round education programs with local schools.

On Saturday, June 16th, please join DLLT staff and volunteers, as we roll out this exciting new trail.  After a brief dedication ceremony, we will take a group hike along the trail.  Afterward, everyone is invited for an informal picnic at the home of Steve and Laura Schaefer.  All are welcome – we will meet at the end of Tough End at 10 am.  Public parking can be found at the West Grand Lake Dam parking lot or the DLLT office, and the trail head is only a short walk away.  For more information, please contact DLLT at (207) 796 – 2100, or email