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What We Do

Downeast Lakes Land Trust is based in Grand Lake Stream, Maine. We protect lakeshores, improve fish and wildlife habitats, provide public recreation opportunities, offer educational programs, and support jobs in the forest and on the water. We are dedicated to the Downeast economy and environment.



The Downeast Lakes Land Trust (DLLT) is announcing the departure of David Montague as President and CEO.  Mr. Montague has been with the organization since 2014, and has led DLLT through a period of growth marked by the expansion of the land trust’s fee land holdings and a focus on exemplary management for wildlife habitat and forest health. 

“For nearly nine years, it has been a true privilege to work alongside DLLT’s professional staff, deeply committed Board of Directors, dozens of enthusiastic volunteers, and hundreds of generous supporters to advance the mission of conserving and stewarding the Downeast Lakes Region,” says Montague. “I’m eternally grateful to the community of Grand Lake Stream and all the people who love and care for this special part of the world.  DLLT is internationally recognized as a leader in the field of community-led conservation, a testament to the passion and commitment of its board, staff, and supporters.  The Downeast Lakes Region and its traditional way of life are irreplaceable treasures, and much work remains to ensure they thrive long into the future.  I am proud of the work we have accomplished together, and in this new chapter I will be cheering on the success of DLLT enthusiastically from a distance.”

The search process for a new DLLT executive is already underway.  Interested candidates are encouraged to visit the Employment Opportunities page for application instructions.  In the interim, the DLLT Board of Directors has formed a leadership team consisting of four veteran board members to guide operations until a new executive is hired. 

“Our directors, staff, and supporters all make outstanding contributions to the Downeast Lakes Land Trust,” says Jeff Pierce, Board Vice President and Chair of the Governance Committee. “We are confident in the future of the trust and committed to providing stability to our organization during the transition to a new director. We will be forever grateful for David’s quality leadership and his commitment to our area and DLLT.”

Mr. Montague will be accepting the position of Vice President of Resources and Operations at The Forest Society of Maine, where he will continue working to help conserve forestlands statewide. 

“We are delighted that David will be joining the FSM team and bringing his extensive land trust expertise to this new position,” stated Karin Tilberg, FSM President/CEO. “He will strengthen FSM’s efforts to conserve the economic, ecological, recreational, and cultural values of Maine’s great forests.”

DLLT is committed to continuing its traditions of innovative conservation of forests and lakes, exemplary land management, and supporting a natural resources-based economy.  In 2023, DLLT is engaged in a capital campaign for a new organizational headquarters and community forestry center and a campaign to raise $440,000 to conserve the 17-acre Big Sand Beach parcel on Sysladobsis Lake.  The Trust also is engaged in stewardship projects that enhance habitat for fish and wildlife, improve public access for recreation, support jobs in the forest products industry, and provide free outdoor education opportunities for local residents and students.


Downeast Lakes Land Trust (DLLT) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization founded in 2001 by local residents in Grand Lake Stream, Maine.

Our Mission

Downeast Lakes Land Trust contributes to the long-term economic and environmental well-being of the Downeast Lakes region through the conservation and exemplary management of its forests and waters.

Our Home

The Downeast Lakes region is the inland portion of the eastern corner of Maine. Our fisheries, including native landlocked salmon and brook trout, as well as smallmouth bass, are world-renowned. The area is home to a diverse array of wildlife, including moose, white-tailed deer, black bears, bobcats, and at least 180 species of birds. The economy is highly dependent upon natural resources, which provide livelihoods for local craftsmen, guides, sporting camp owners and employees, and forest industry workers. The village of Grand Lake Stream is in the heart of the region, and has long been a destination for outdoor recreation.

Our Vision

It is our vision for the future that Grand Lake Stream and the Downeast Lakes Region will be widely known for spectacular lakes and streams, productive forests, outstanding recreation opportunities, and welcoming communities that attract visitors and residents of all ages.

Many supporters and partners have helped us succeed in protecting 370,000 acres of the forests, wildlife habitats, watersheds, and lakeshores that will sustain the region’s future. These acres are at the core of the U.S. portion of a nearly 1.4-million-acre international wildlife corridor between Maine and New Brunswick.

DLLT sustainably manages the 57,703-acre Downeast Lakes Community Forest for wildlife habitat, sustainable forest products, and public recreation. DLLT provides guides and sporting camps an environment that supports their continued success, contributing to the preservation of the heritage and culture of Grand Lake Stream.



Nicole Nygren, Development and Outreach Manager




The Forest Society of Maine, established in 1984, has helped landowners, families, and communities to conserve more than a million acres of forestland across the state for sustainable forest products, recreation, habitat for fish and wildlife, and historic and cultural values. More information about the Forest Society of Maine can be found at


Current Campaign

DLLT is raising funds for the purchase of Big Sand Beach. Learn more on the Big Sand Beach page!


Firewood Bank

Firewood available for community members in need! DLLT, along with volunteers, plan to supply local community members who are in need with a load of free firewood. We are accepting nominations for recipients of this service. Nominations should be for those who struggle to cut their own wood or to meet the costs of purchasing firewood. We will serve the community on a first-come first-serve basis as firewood is available to us. There is no guarantee that every person nominated will receive a load of wood.

Seeking nominations, volunteers, and donations to support this cause.

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