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Food & Lodging


The Pine Tree Store, 207-796-5027
Located in the heart of Grand Lake Stream, the Pine Tree Store serves a full menu of breakfast, lunch, and dinner year-round including pizzas, sandwiches, and ice cream by the scoop. They also have a small selection of groceries, fuel, and numerous items that you might need “upta camp.”

Old School Family Restaurant, 207-796-5254
In Princeton, this friendly, hometown restaurant serves Downeast staples for breakfast, lunch, and dinner year-round. They also offer a selection of pies and other baked goods to-go.

Princeton A & G, 207-796-2244
Full service grocery, housed in the same building as the Princeton Variety Store.

Waite General Store, 207-796-2330
Located along Route 1, seven miles north of Milford Road, the Waite General is a friendly convenience store with food, fuel, and more.

Lodges in or near Grand Lake Stream seasonally serving dinner by reservation:

  • Leen’s Lodge
  • Weatherby’s

Leen's Lodge Game DinnerLodging

There are numerous options for local lodging in the Downeast Lakes region. From rustic cabins, to inns, to traditional lodges, there is something for everyone.

Bear Lodge
Passamaquoddy lodge and cabins on Long Lake
145 Pit Rd
Princeton, Maine 04668
(207) 796-2799

Bellmard Inn and Cabins
Historic Inn, open year-round
86 Main Street
P.O. Box 818
Princeton, ME 04668
(207) 796-2261

Canalside Cabins
Rental cabins across from Grand Lake Stream
31 Canal Street
Grand Lake Stream, ME 04668
(207) 796-2796

Chet’s Camps
Cabins on the shore of Big Lake
140 Chet’s Camp Road
Grand Lake Stream, ME 04668
(207) 796-5557

Down River Camps
Cabins on Grand Falls Flowage
42 Down River Camp Road
Princeton, ME 04668

Flying Eagle Lodge
Cabins and lodge on the shore of Lewey Lake
14 Rolfe Street
Princeton, ME 04668
(207) 796-7077

Grand Lake Lodge
Cabins on the shore of West Grand Lake
Boat & Motor Rentals; Canoe & Kayak Rentals
86 Canal Street
Grand Lake Stream, ME 04668
(207) 796-5584

Indian Rock Camps
Cabins in the village of Grand Lake Stream
15 Church Street
Grand Lake Stream, ME 04668
(207) 796-2822

Leen’s Lodge
Cabins and lodge on West Grand Lake
368 Bonney Brook Road
Grand Lake Stream, ME 04668

Long Lake Camps
Cabins on Long Lake
239 Long Lake Camp Road
Princeton, ME 04668
(207) 796-2051

Shoreline Camps
Cabins on Big Lake
191 Pine Drive
Grand Lake Stream, ME 04668
(207) 796-5539

Spruce Lodge Camps
Cabins on the north end of Sysladobsis Lake
33 Bayview Road
Lakeville, ME 04487

Lodge and cabins in Grand Lake Stream
112 Milford Road
Grand Lake Stream, ME 04668

Wild Fox Cabins
Cabins and camping on Junior Lake
481 Fox Run
Lakeville, Maine 04487
(207) 610-4021

For more information on area dining and lodging, please visit the Grand Lake Stream Area Chamber of Commerce.