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Forest Activities

Yard Wood

DLLT’s 2018 summer timber harvest will take place beginning in June and concluding in mid to late October.  The areas to be harvested are scattered throughout the property and have various goals depending on forest type and location.  Most hardwood areas are targeted for forest health improvement by removing diseased, dying, and poorly formed trees.  The softwood area on Sonny’s Lane is targeted toward establishing healthy regeneration.  The first entry on “Coca Cola Highway” for grouse and woodcock habitat was partially harvested last summer, and the entry will conclude this year.

The harvest areas south of Little River Road will include selective thinning of heavily diseased beech to encourage growth and nut production in the remaining healthier beech.  This is part of an intensive effort to combat beech bark disease and promote the long-term health and persistence of this important wildlife resource.

Lastly, an area south of the Fourth Lake Road and Farm Cove Dam Road intersection will be pre-commercially harvested using generous funding from the Natural Resources Conservation Service termed, “Thinning For Wildlife.”  The goal of the wildlife thinning is to encourage regrowth by releasing the target species of hemlock, spruce, and cedar.  Maps of each harvest site can be found below.

Other recent activities in the Downeast Lakes Community Forest include spring grading on the following roads:

  • Fourth Lake Road
  • Amazon Road
  • Little River Road
  • Third Lake Ridge Road
  • Dobsis Dam Road
  • Farm Cove Dam Road
  • Wabassus Mountain Road

DLLT will be conducting roadside ditching on sections of the following roads:

  • Third Lake Ridge Road
  • Fourth Lake Road
  • “Sonny’s Lane”
  • Wabassus Mountain Road

In addition, DLLT will complete restoration of the former “Fourth Lake Dam Road” with ditching and grading. Work will be completed by the end of the summer.

2018 Summer Harvest Maps