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Forest Activities

Yard Wood

Summer 2019

Beginning on June 10th, an area south of the Fourth Lake Road and Farm Cove Dam Road intersection was pre-commercially harvested using generous funding from the Natural Resources Conservation Service termed, “Thinning For Wildlife.”  The goal of the wildlife thinning is to encourage regrowth by releasing the target species of hemlock, spruce, and cedar.

Beginning on the Fourth Lake Road, spring grading will be completed on the following roads:

  • Fourth Lake Road
  • Amazon Road
  • Little River Road (DLLT portion)
  • Third Lake Ridge Road
  • Dobsis Dam Road
  • Farm Cove Dam Road
  • Farm Cove Mountain Road
  • Wabassus Mountain Road

New Arch Culvert Restoration – Beginning in mid-July, DLLT will be installing an open-bottomed arch culvert at a crossing on Otter Brook Road.  The road will be posted, and may close for up to 48 hours.  Please travel with caution while work is being completed.

2019 Summer Timber Harvest

Downeast Lakes Land Trust’s 2019 summer harvest will focus on a few main areas in the community forest.  The area west of Julia Brook, located off the Farm Cove Mountain Road, will be harvested as a moderate thinning, allowing healthy regeneration for existing hardwood species.  Also, a section of hemlock, pine, and spruce will be harvested for improved spacing.  In addition, early regeneration in this 340-acre area of the community forest will provide valuable browse for wildlife.

The other main harvest area is located around Mud Turtle Brook, on the western edge of the McClellan Cove peninsula.  This 270-acre area will be a shelterwood harvest that will promote white pine and spruce regeneration.  The tops of harvested hardwood trees will be left in the woods to provide browse for several species, and provide additional habitat.

Prior to the completion of the harvests mentioned above, DLLT will be completing the early successional harvest that began last summer along the area known as “Coca-Cola Highway,” located east of Lower Oxbrook Lake.  These small, 3-5 acre patches are being harvested as part of a larger plan to improve young forest habitat ruffed grouse, American woodcock, and other species that favor this type of management.

Please refer to the provided map for locations of these harvests.  For more information about DLLT’s forest management, please contact DLLT at (207) 796 – 2100, or email