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Volunteer Opportunities

Have you always wanted to help your community and the environment, but not sure what to do? Become a volunteer with Downeast Lakes Land Trust to participate in trail maintenance, forest cleanups, community events, or to lead your own education program. If you are interested in volunteering with us, please fill out this simple form – DLLT Volunteer Form  For all general volunteer inquiries, please email

Big Lake Milfoil Coalition

The Big Lake Milfoil Coalition is a group of businesses and organizations working hard to combat the spread of invasive milfoil in Big lake. Volunteers are needed to become Lake Stewards and Courtesy Boat Inspectors, and stop the further spread of invasive aquatic plants. For more information on becoming a steward please visit: Lake Stewards of Maine – Invasive Plant Monitors

Adopt A Site

Do you have a favorite hiking trail, campsite, or geocache location in the Downeast Lakes Community Forest? Adopt one of these sites to check in on a few times a year. Adoptees will be responsible for picking up trash and recording any maintenance needs.  Contact Sarah Cote to adopt!

Loon Surveying

Beginning in 2022, DLLT is working with Biodiversity Research Institute on a multi-year project to help protect common loons and improve loon nesting habitat in the Downeast Lakes region.  We have numerous volunteer needs for this exciting project, including nest building, lake surveying, and nest monitoring.  To find out how you can help, please contact Sarah Cote.

Upcoming DLLT Volunteer Events

April 29-30: Festival of the Forest Volunteers

May 21: Community and Forest Cleanup

Summer 2022: Weekly Trail and Campsite Work Days

Citizen Science Opportunities

  • American woodcock and ruffed grouse breeding surveys
  • Vernal pool surveys
  • Invasive aquatic monitoring surveys
  • Loon monitoring

To learn more about these exciting opportunities and register to help, please email Sarah Cote, or call DLLT at (207) 796-2100.