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Taming the Wild Teaberry

Taming the Wild Teaberry


1:00 pm - 4:00 pm


137 Milford Rd, Grand Lake Stream, ME, 04668
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Join us at the Trust headquarters as long-time DLLT volunteer Wayne Curtis presents on the Teaberry plant.

Teaberry is a common name for wintergreen, a small plant found on the floor of forests from the mountains of Georgia to Newfoundland, and west to Minnesota. The hardy leaves survive year-round and are filled with a fragrant wintergreen oil. Using sugar to extract the oils, it’s easy to make an oleo-sacharum — a flavored sugar popular in the 19th century — and then use this for making teaberry soda or teaberry ice cream.

In this workshop, you’ll learn about teaberry plants and how to extract the oils, and then head into the community forest to collect leaves to make your own oleo-saccharum. Bring a one-quart mason jar (or similar) to take home your bounty. Samples of soda and ice cream will be served!