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Eco-Explorers Children’s Program

Eco-Explorers Children's Program


9:00 am - 12:00 pm

The Eco-Explorers Children’s program will be held every Wednesday for 6 weeks from July 12th through August 16th. Come to one, come to all, come as you are able!

child collecting samples from forest

Offering free weekly activities targeting ages 7 to 13, although ALL AGES ARE WELCOME!
Each week we will explore the forest, lakes, and rivers while learning new outdoor skills.

July 12th: “Creepy Crawlies” Don’t worry this day isn’t as yucky as it sounds! We will go for a hike to explore all of the small critters that live in the forest. We will look under rocks, logs, and in the trees to search for worms, beetles, salamanders, and lots of others animals. Kids will get to use tools like bug jars and magnifying glasses to see up close the amazing adaptations of these animals.

July 19th: “Wilderness Shelters” This day will be filled with all kinds of fun and learning about basic skills to make exploring the wilderness a little safer. Kids will learn the basics about what to bring on a hike in the woods before heading out and constructing a wilderness shelter.

July 26th: “Bees, Butterflies, and Beautiful Flowers” On this day kids will explore a meadow and play amongst the pollinators. We will play games and catch butterflies to study their colors and markings. We will then collect some flowers and press them for making art.

August 2nd: “The Edible Forest” kids will go for a nature walk to explore some unique flavors of the forest. They will learn all about the dangers and safety rules of tasting wild plants and participate in some activities before sampling some leaves and roots and making their own tea!

August 9th: “Basics of Birding” On this day will go for a bird watching adventure on the trails. Kids will use binoculars and learn about bird calls before going on a walk to discover which birds are all around us. They will look for nests and even have the chance to build their own!

August 16th:  “Aqua exploring” This day is all about exploring the water! We will use nets to search for critters that live in the stream including stoneflies, crayfish, frogs, and striders! Afterwards we will do some fishing for brook trout before making our way to the lake and jumping in for a swim. Make sure to bring a bathing suit and a towel on this day!


Meet at the Grand Lake Stream dam parking lot.

map with GLS dam location pinned

Grand Lake Stream dam location