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Bird Talk, with Rich MacDonald

Bird Talk, with Rich MacDonald


7:00 pm - 8:30 pm


Grand Lake Stream School Building
15 Water Street, Grand Lake Stream, Maine

Join Bar Harbor field biologist, ornithologist, naturalist, tour guide, writer, photographer, husband, and father Rich MacDonald for a birding hike one the Musquash Esker Trail and a presentation about Rich’s new book: Little Big Year: Chasing Acadia’s Birds. This is his story of a year-long adventure to document the birds of Acadia National Park and Hancock County. People that know him say the book reads as though you are out birding with Rich, as he tells stories about his adventures. With each bird, he relates finding the species, weaving in fun facts and stories from his years of studying the natural world, birding, and travels. The year is bookended with Black-capped Chickadees on a New Year’s Day Christmas Bird Count and 364 days later with Boreal Chickadees at Sunkhaze Meadows National Wildlife Refuge. He recounts stories from being on research vessels out in the Gulf of Maine to look for seabirds, hiking the mountains of Acadia to see Snowy Owls, taking a night-time bicycle ride into Great Pond Mountain Wildlands to find the rare Chuck-will’s-widow, and viewing shorebirds from the cockpit of a sea kayak. Through it all, you are right there with him. Although the story is ostensibly about birds, it is not just for birders. Anyone with an interest in natural history will enjoy his presentation and book.  Meet at the Grand Lake Stream School Building.

Please follow all recommended CDC guidelines for DLLT programs and events this summer, including social distancing, wearing masks, and staying home if you feel sick.  Thank you!