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Yale Forestry Students Visit Downeast Lakes Land Trust

October 6, 2014

The Downeast Lakes Land Trust was pleased to welcome students from Yale University’s School of Forestry to the Farm Cove  Community Forest.  Both traditional and non-traditional students coming from all backgrounds were keen to see how a  community forest project could run on a large scale. The students peppered DLLT Community Forest Manager, Kyle Burdick with questions  about land  acquisition techniques, funding sources, and the relationship that the DLLT maintains with its timber producing neighbors.   “They were  very impressed with the success we have had here both in terms of the support we have been able to leverage as well  as the  project’s size,” said Burdick.

Touring the Downeast Lakes Region, the students were awed with the area’s beauty, and many voiced their desire to move to  here  after completing their degree. It is heartily hoped that some of these students can return and become part of the region’s economy, which honors both people and the environment.

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