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Warming Our Community With Fuel From The Forest

December 15, 2022

Downeast Lakes Land Trust organized the start of a wood bank in Grand Lake Stream this fall. Inflation and rising fuel prices will make it harder to stay warm this winter for many in the region. Families that heat with wood are facing similar challenges to pay for firewood, in addition those who may find getting into the forest and chopping their own firewood difficult. Comparable to a food bank, a wood bank provides free firewood to people who struggle to get their own.

For those seeking firewood who are able to cut it themselves, DLLT offers firewood permits for a $5 minimum donation. Stop by during open office hours to get a permit or send an email to for more information. 

Rally Day

The community came together on November 4th to saw, split, deliver, and stack firewood, making the Firewood Rally event a major success! Approximately 25 volunteers, including DLLT’s president, board members, staff, local residents, and a class from Lee Academy gathered to contribute to the project. Four splitters were towed in for the event, along with chainsaws and pickups for making deliveries. A very tasty pizza lunch from the Pine Tree Store was provided for the work crew. The volunteers were able to process half a semi-truck load of logs during the event. Several deliveries were made during the event and staff continue to make deliveries as nominations are made. Ten deliveries have been made as of this writing.


DLLT forester Ernest Carle gave a safety presentation before participants got to work. During a water break, Ernest provided a lesson in using traditional tools of the firewood industry. The students from Lee Academy eagerly took turns using the log peavey and hook. They were naturals! As Ernest commented afterward, “It was more fun than I had imagined!”

Ways to Get Involved

DLLT continues to accept nominations for recipients of one pickup load of firewood. Nominations should be for those who struggle to cut their own wood or to meet the costs of purchasing firewood. DLLT will serve the community on a first-come first-serve basis as firewood is available. There is no guarantee that every person nominated will receive a load of wood.

Nominations can be made by filling out the online form.
Nomination Form

Another firewood event will be held in the spring of 2023; the date has not been set yet. If you are interested in volunteering for this program or any of our other opportunities, sign up here: Find Volunteer Opportunity

Make a contribution to this community service project by giving a donation and noting “Firewood” in the memo.
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