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West Grand Lake Race Results

August 6, 2012

A strong south wind didn’t deter paddlers from a successful West Grand Lake Race on Sunday, though only the team of Brad Farrell, Mary Carmack, and Adrian Carmack opted for the 12 mile race course into Farm Cove, around Huckleberry Island, and back.

A new course record was set for the 6 mile race around Kole Kill Island, with a time of 56:50, by a war canoe paddled by Mark Ranco, Chip Loring, Dan Jones, and Terry Wescott.

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Make plans now to join us on the first Sunday in August: next year, August 4th, 2013.

Complete results:

12 Mile Race:

War Canoe, Mixed: 1. Brad Farrell, Mary Carmack, Adrian Carmack, 3:14:49

6 Mile Race:

Canoe, 2 person Mixed: 1. Ron Bomberger, Paula Lunt, 1:05:23; 2. Will Cornwell, Rita Sousa, 1:47:24

Kayak, Female: 1. Fiona Dearth, 1:22:23; 2. April Kochis, 1:33:50; 3. Katherine Pierce, 1:40:47

Kayak, Male: 1. Syd Lea, 1:15:58

Kayak, 2 person, Male: 1. Mark Berry, Asa Berry, 1:14:11

War Canoe, Male: 1. Mark Ranco, Chip Loring, Dan Jones, Terry Wescott, 56:50

4 Mile Race:

Canoe, Male: 1. Bob Miller, 47:10

Canoe, 2 person Male: 1. Nat Goldberg, Zach Davis, 45:01; 2. Gabriel Lerner, Thomas Perry 45:03

Canoe, 2 person Mixed: 1. Nathaniel Hancock, Maridel Fredericksen, 49:17; 2. Heather Kinney, Dana Welch, 58:23; 3. Brad King, Claire Churchill Seder 1:05:10

Kayak, Female: 1. Julia Berry, 52:12; 2. Colleen Mitchell 59:02

Kayak, Male: 1. John Mitchell, 54:22

Kayak, 2 person, Male: 1. David Carmack, Thomas Carmack, 1:15:07

Pedal Kayak, Male: 1. Peter Cornwell, 49:21

War Canoe, Female: 1. Deanna Sainati, Jan Hinton, Cathy Pattengale, 1:13:01

Kids Race:

Canoe, 2 person Mixed: 1. Ashton Mabee, Rheannon Mabee

Kayak, Female: 1. Keaton McEvoy

Kayak, Male: 1. Carson McEvoy, 2. Nolan McCullough, 3. Nolan Mabee

Kayak, 2 person: 1. Ali Wheaton, Adela Mabee with Judy Guggenhime

Thanks to all of our paddlers and sponsors!