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West Grand Campaign Faces Deadline

July 6, 2012

2012 is Critical for Community-led 22,000-acre Conservation Project

With six months to go before a December 2012 deadline, and major challenge grants at stake, an additional $2 million is needed.  These funds will secure a conservation easement to be held by the Maine Department of Conservation that will guarantee 17 miles of lakeshores and 22,000 acres will never be developed and will always be open to public recreation.

Pledges and contributions now can ensure the future of special places – from West Grand Lake and Grand Lake Stream, to Big Musquash and Big Lake, and many more.  Please join the effort!

Fly-fishing, Grand Lake Stream above Big Falls

Project would prevent development along the west side of Grand Lake Stream

The 22,000 acres under option to DLLT that surround Grand Lake Stream, coupled with the existing DLLT Farm Cove Community Forest, will define the future character of the village and its quality as a destination for outdoor recreation.  Starting with the unanimous vote at town meeting to contribute $40,000, the West Grand Lake Community Forest Project has quietly built momentum.  It was the #1 forest conservation priority for the federal Forest Legacy Program in 2011, and has attracted over $13 million in funding.

Success in acquiring the conservation easement will also extend our opportunity to buy the property under the option agreement.  Community-focused forest management will ensure ongoing wildlife habitat improvements and a continuing timber economy.

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