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Washington County Scavenger Hunt

Outdoor Winter Challenge! January 1st – February 28th


A Scavenger Hunt for All Ages

This scavenger hunt is a collaboration from Downeast Lakes Land Trust (DLLT) and Downeast Coastal Conservancy (DCC) in conjunction with organizations and businesses all over Washington County. Get ready for a county-wide challenge full of outdoor winter fun!

Getting Started

  1. Download the Goose Chase app on any smart phone or tablet device.
  2. Search for “Washington County’s Outdoor Winter Challenge!”
  3. Create a team of 1-5 people.

Have fun completing the missions as a group before winter is over. It is never too early to register your team! Top ranked teams will receive a prize pack of goodies from DLLT and DCC AND be entered into a drawing for a chance to win our grand prize: LL Bean Wood Toboggan.

For more information, help with the app, or game questions please call:

Sarah at DLLT: (207) 796-2100 or

Cathy at DCC: (207) 255-4500.

Scavenger Hunt Poster. Use Goose Chase app and search for "Washington County's Outdoor Winter Challenge!" Jan 1 - Feb 28, 2023.



Game Play and Rules

Before getting started, there are a few things we want to mention.

  1. Consider safety at all times when completing missions. Check weather and ice conditions before venturing out every day.
  2. Please play fairly and respectfully. All photo entries must be taken between January 1st and February 28th. Previous photos are not allowed to be entered into missions.
  3. Do not sabotage other teams or cheat in any way.
  4. Be respectful of all businesses, land marks, and natural areas that you visit. Practice Leave No Trace and pick up garbage whenever possible.
  5. Missions have 3 different points values: 100 points for those that can be completed anywhere at any time during the challenge. 300 points for those that require you to go to a specific location and 500 for those that require you to attend an event on a specific day.
  6. Have fun and enjoy recreating outdoors and visiting all corners of the county this winter season!


Terms of Service

By submitting photos, participants agree that DLLT and DCC shall have the unlimited right to reproduce submissions in any electronic and print media that it may produce in the future.

By signing up you also give DLLT & DCC the right to store your contact information and contact you for any reasonable matter, including prize giveaways and game play questions. We also reserve the right to remove you or otherwise disqualify your team for any wrongdoing, rule breaking, or inappropriate behavior.

You are fully responsible for yourself and your safety while competing in this challenge. You, the participant assume all risks and do not have the ability to hold DLLT or DCC, or any of their staff, responsible for any injuries, or otherwise misfortunes that occur while participating in the “Washington County’s Outdoor Winter Challenge!” or associated activities.

If you’ve read this message enter the phrase “NEW YEAR” in the mission called “Yes, I read it”.