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Have you always wanted to help your community and the environment, but not sure exactly what to do? Become a volunteer with Downeast Lakes Land Trust to participate in citizen science projects, trail maintenance, forest cleanups, community events, or even to lead your own education program. If you are interested in volunteering with us, please fill out this simple online form.

DLLT Volunteer Form

For all volunteer inquiries, comments, suggestions, or further details, please email or call and ask to talk with Sarah at the office (207) 796-2100.

Big Lake Milfoil Coalition (Seasonal)

The Big Lake Milfoil Coalition is a group of businesses and organizations working hard to combat the spread of invasive milfoil in Big lake. Volunteers are needed to become Lake Stewards and Courtesy Boat Inspectors, and stop the further spread of invasive aquatic plants. For more information on becoming a steward please visit: Lake Stewards of Maine – Invasive Plant Monitors.

Adopt A Site

Do you have a favorite hiking trail, campsite, or geocache location in the Downeast Lakes Community Forest? Adopt one of these sites to check in on a few times a year. Adoptees will be responsible for picking up trash and recording any maintenance needs.  Contact Sarah Cote to adopt!

Maine Owl Pellet Project (MOPP)

The Maine Owl Pellet Project wants you!Maine Owl Pellet Project

MOPP is a collaboration between the University of New England, the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife, and the United States Fish and Wildlife Service. They are aiming to engage the public and promote crowdsourced science to better understand the diet of Maine’s owls and the distribution and composition of the small mammal community on which they prey, including the threatened northern bog lemming, to inform conservation efforts. To do so, we must find owl pellets – small, log-shaped clumps of hair and bones – that will allow us to identify which species owls are feeding on. However, these pellets can be relatively hard to come by and we need a substantial number to meet project goals.

They are hoping to engage as many outdoors people as they can to increase the number of eyes on the lookout for owl pellets on the ground in Maine.

View their project poster: MOPP_Project Flyer (v7.1)

Wood Bank

Volunteers needed to cut, transport, and/or stack firewood. DLLT started a wood bank in the fall of 2022. Help keep a neighbor warm by contributing to this important community project. Do you know a person or family who is/are in need of firewood? You can nominate recipients here: Firewood Nomination Form

Volunteer days will be scheduled seasonally based on community need and wood availability. Let us know you are interested, and we’ll keep you informed about upcoming events and the days volunteers are needed.

The first work day was held on November 4th, 2022 and was very successful with approximately 20 volunteers, 4 splitters, 3 chainsaws, and 2 delivery trucks. The second work day was on May 16th, 2023 where over 6 cords were processed.

Citizen Science Opportunities

  • American woodcock and ruffed grouse breeding surveys
  • Vernal pool surveys
  • Invasive aquatic monitoring surveys
  • Loon monitoring
  • Birding – using the eBird Mobile app
  • Wood Duck boxes – checking their usage, adding cedar shavings, noting repairs needed

Loon Monitoring (Seasonal)

Beginning in 2022, DLLT is working with Biodiversity Research Institute on a multi-year project to help protect common loons and improve loon nesting habitat in the Downeast Lakes region.  Much of the work is seasonal during the warmer months. We have numerous volunteer needs for this exciting project, including nest building, lake surveying, and nest monitoring.

The third Saturday of July each year is an annual loon count, organized by Maine Audubon. More information can be found at

Community Events + Outreach Assistance

There are opportunities to lend a hand with preparing our large events and with mailings. Need arises on a case-by-case basis. This is a good option to support the Land Trust ‘from inside’ without needing to be out in the wilderness as much. While events vary widely, some examples of volunteer activities are preparing materials for a booth or craft, setting up or taking down materials before and after an event, or posting flyers. Do you have a special skill or talent? Let us know! Would you like to lead an activity or event? We welcome your ideas!

Two to three mailings are sent out annually and volunteers are welcomed to fold, sticker, and stuff envelopes to prepare the pieces for the post office. Signing up with the volunteer coordinator, Sarah, makes it a breeze to give you a call when a need presents itself to see if you are available.

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Call (207) 796-2100 and ask to speak with Sarah.