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Volunteer and Learn to Protect Our Lakes

June 24, 2013

Downeast Lakes Land Trust hosted Scott Williams from the Maine Volunteer Lake Monitoring Program (VLMP) at Grand Lake Stream Thursday night.  Scott gave an impassioned talk at calling on widespread citizen participation in the gathering of credible scientific information on lake health.  VLMP trains, certifies and provides technical support to hundreds of volunteers who monitor a wide range of indicators of water quality, assess watershed health and function, and screen lakes for invasive aquatic plants and animals.  In addition to being the primary source of lake data in the State of Maine, VLMP volunteers benefit their local lakes by playing key stewardship and leadership roles in their communities.

“We need as many eyes and ears as we can get to protect out lakes,” said Williams.  “Our volunteer lake monitors come from all walks of life. Their work is an effective tool for fostering lake stewardship by raising community awareness about the connection between lakes and their watersheds. All you need to be a volunteer is access to a boat, and a commitment to and passion for our lakes.”

Clear water at Pocumcus Lake

Clear water at Pocumcus Lake

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, a car pool is being organized through Tanya Rucosky at the Downeast Lakes Land Trust to attend a half day new volunteer training in Auburn on July 12.  To sign up you can email your name, phone number, lake name, and workshop choice to Contact Tanya directly at if you would like to participate in a carpool.

Downeast Lakes Land Trust is committed to exemplary management of the forests and waters of the Downeast Lakes region.  Clean water is essential to the fisheries and recreation experiences enjoyed by local residents and visitors that sustain the regional economy.