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Togue Tournament Results

June 2, 2013

This report from Sandra Smith:

Grand Lake Stream Area Chamber Togue Tournament

The Grand Lake Stream Area Chamber of Commerce and Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife held their third Togue Tournament (Lake Trout) on West Grand and Pocumcus Lakes June 1-2, 2013. This will be the last tournament for awhile as the mission has been accomplished. This event, recommended by IF&W, was to manage the fishery by reducing the Togue 14 to 18 inch population in order to make more feed available to the salmon and provide a balance of the resource. Gregory Burr, Head Biologist of the Downeast/Acadia Fisheries Region reported that all our hard efforts paid off and the salmon are better fed, there is more bait fish and the balance is in place. The chamber’s goal was to help improve the fishery, to bring recognition of the area and to bring business to the lodging facilities and stores.

There were a total of 79 entrants, many of who registered from 4:00 – 10:00 a.m. on Saturday with volunteer Togue Committee members Nan Sprague of Hazelwood Cottages and Doug Clements of the Bellmard Inn.

From 3:00 – 5:00 p.m. on Saturday Head Biologist of the Downeast/Acadia Fisheries Region, Gregory Burr and Fishery Biologist, Joe Overlook; recorded the time, weight, and length of all Togue caught. From 1:00 –

3:00 p.m. on Sunday, Fishery Biologist, Joe Overlook and Fishery Biologist Jason Valliere; recorded the time, weight, and length of all Togue caught. They also answered many questions about fishing in general as well as the resources in the local area. Their professionalism and knowledge has played an important part in the success of this Tournament. Special thanks to Togue Committee members, Nan Sprague of Hazelwood Cottages, Jo-Anne Cannell of Indian Rock Camps and Sandra Smith of the Bellmard Inn who assisted before, after and throughout all aspects of the tournament.

First Prize of $1000 for the largest Togue which weighed 6.60 lbs. and

25.98 inches long, went to Terry Ferrin of Bangor. Second Prize of $300 for the second largest weighing 6.0 lbs. and 25.28 inches long went to Jerry Clapp of W. Enfield. Third Prize of $200 for the third largest weighing 5.50 lbs. and 24.09 inches went to Herb Melanson. A prize of

$300 for the highest total weight of 40.35 lbs. for 12 Togue went to Codey Prock. A prize of $100 for a drawing from all those who caught Togue between 14-18 inches went to Tyler Prock. Congratulations and thank you to all these fishermen.

Raffle Winners: Johnson’s True Value Hardware’s Rod and Reel went to James Vamvakias of Falmouth; Princeton Variety’s Fishing Net went to Kim Brinzow of E. Winthrop; Bellmard Inn lodging went to Ben Ferland of Lincoln; Downeast Lakes Land Trust baseball caps and DVDs went to Ray Sockabasin of Princeton and Jerry Clapp of W. Enfield and poster and DVD to Scott Mason of Howland. Indian Rock Camps baseball cap and compass went to Roger Ruhlin of Falmouth.


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