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“Tipping” for Wreaths

November 21, 2010

This is the peak of activity for an important seasonal industry Downeast that supplies balsam fir holiday wreaths and decorations around the country.  Downeast Lakes Land Trust issues “tipping” permits to local people who gather the tips of lower boughs from fir trees on the Farm Cove Community Forest.  Some local residents make their own wreaths for family and friends or for sale.   Others sell tips to businesses, such as Whitney Wreath, that employ many people building wreaths and centerpieces.

Sunday, November 28th will be Downeast Lakes Land Trust’s 3rd annual Tipping Field Trip at 1:00 pm, and Thursday, December 2 is the 3rd annual Wreath-making Workshop at 6:30.  Come learn how to gather tips and build a wreath!