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Tick Talk Teaches Tricks for Tackling Tick Troubles

June 22, 2015

folk and dog outsideOn June 4th, Downeast Lakes Land Trust hosted University of Maine Cooperative Extension Insect Diagnostician Clay Kirby for a lively and informative presentation on the Ticks of Maine.

Mr. Kirby led the group through the intricacies of the miniature world of 14 tick species that have been found here in Maine. In this very timely presentation, Mr. Kirby discussed tick habits and preferred habitats, the differing effects ticks can have on people and pets, and proper tick identification and removal techniques.

According to Mr. Kirby, not all 14 species of ticks found in Maine actually thrive here, nor do all species of ticks found in Maine thrive throughout the entire state. The species that are rare in Maine arrive by hitching rides on people and vehicles and don’t typically survive in our environment very long. Typical species in Maine include the American Dog Tick, Deer Tick, and Winter or Moose Tick.

It is increasingly important to be aware of the likelihood that, at some point during time spent out of doors, most folks will interact with ticks. Always check for ticks when returning indoors; check your children, yourself, and your pets.

Contact the University of Maine Cooperative Extension website for more information on ticks, tick identification, and the Tick Lab at

In addition to being an engaging speaker and knowledgeable insect diagnostician, Mr. Kirby is an avid fly-fisherman who enjoyed his visit to Grand Lake Stream. We look forward to more of his programs in the future.

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