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Second Annual Forest Feast at Leen’s Lodge

September 30, 2014

The Downeast Lakes Land Trust (DLLT) would like to thank Charles Driza and the Leen’s Lodge staff for hosting another delicious “Feast from the Forest” on September 27th.

Starting the evening with appetizers featuring fried pheasant and smoked duck, attendees were overwhelmed with rabbit and sausage gumbo, then venison osso bucco.  “I shouldn’t have eaten so many of the appetizers!” groaned a sated diner as he valiantly plunged into the steaming soup course.

However, bear hunters, local town residents and a busload of Yale master’s candidates all agreed that abstemiousness was definitely not on the menu, and enjoyed themselves heartily.

“It is a rare treat to see our familiar game so elegantly prepared,” said DLLT Executive Director, David Montague.  “We  are truly fortunate to be in an area with such strong cultural ties to the natural bounty of the forests.”

Conserving the natural and cultural heritage of the Downeast region as well as building community traditions such as the Forest Feast are at the heart of the Downeast Lakes Land Trust. The DLLT regularly hosts speakers, work parties, and workshops, and leads outdoor adventures that highlight the natural and cultural history of the Maine woods and waters.  Visit our website to discover what is happening next!

A diner enjoys the view of West Grand Lake from Leen's Lodge.

A diner enjoys the view of West Grand Lake from Leen’s Lodge.