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Prominent Coverage in Northern Woodlands

March 11, 2013

We were pleased to see Downeast Lakes Land Trust featured prominently not once, but twice, in the Spring 2013 issue of Northern Woodlands.  Since the magazine covers the forest from New York to Maine, it’s likely many of their readers don’t know our neighborhood or the Downeast Lakes Land Trust.  But, if you’re among our supporters, you likely would enjoy the magazine.

First, “Creating Carbon Credit” by Chuck Wooster, a brief review of the state of the forest carbon offset market, highlights a project of Downeast Lakes Land Trust, along with a large aerial photo of Farm Cove on West Grand Lake (one of many aerials we obtained with the help of LightHawk several years ago).

Second, “Protecting Nature, Harvesting Timber” by Joe Rankin, a feature article about conservation groups that manage forestland and harvest timber, describes the work of Downeast Lakes Land Trust.  The lead photo is from inside the cab of a cut-to-length processor owned by Tide Mill Enterprises that is creating a 2 acre block of early-successional habitat on the Farm Cove Community Forest.

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