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Position Opening: Community Forest Manager

March 22, 2016

Downeast Lakes Land Trust

Position Opening – Community Forest Manager


The Downeast Lakes Land Trust (DLLT) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization based in Grand Lake Stream, with a mission to contribute to the long-term economic and environmental well-being of the Downeast Lakes region through the conservation and exemplary management of its forests and waters.  DLLT sustainably manages the 33,708-acre Farm Cove Community Forest for wildlife habitat, forest products, and public recreation.  We are seeking to expand our work through the 21,870-acre West Grand Lake Community Forest Project as described on our website,

The Downeast Lakes Land Trust (DLLT) Community Forest Manager (CFM), working with the Executive Director and the Forest Resources Committee of the Board of Directors, manages the DLLT community forests for conservation, economic, and recreational purposes.  The CFM provides experience, highly developed professional skills, dedication to sustainable forestry, and communications capability to a small organization that has become a model for operation of a true community forest; providing local residents and visitors with the benefits of the traditional activities in and on Maine woods and waters, while supporting a local and growing economy based on those resources.

Committee Support: The CFM works with an engaged volunteer committee structure to develop projects that further DLLT’s mission.  The CFM prepares committee agendas and reports, and participates in Forest Resources and Wildlife Habitat Committee meetings and other meetings as needed.

Staff and Volunteer Support: This position is under the direct supervision of the Executive Director and collaborates with a small, dedicated full-time staff as well as seasonal positions.  The CFM provides support for interns, contractors, technicians, and volunteers working in the Community Forest Manager’s areas of responsibility.

Location: The position is based in Grand Lake Stream, Maine.  This is a small, rural community (winter pop. 100) with a traditional natural resource-based economy focused on outdoor recreational tourism and the timber products industry.  Amenities are available in nearby towns including Calais (30 miles), Machias (70 miles), and Bangor (100 miles).


  • Developing and monitoring compliance with long term and short term plans for management of forest lands and forest resources, including harvest plans with emphasis on wildlife habitat management and restoration.
  • Planning and supervising two annual timber harvests of varying volumes, both for forest products and for wildlife habitat management, including water and soil quality protection and improvement.
  • Planning specific projects for conservation of wildlife habitats and soil and water quality.
  • Planning and directing forest surveys including estimates of standing timber and growth; preparing maps and related reports utilizing GPS, GIS, and other current and developing technologies.
  • Assisting with the negotiation of the terms and conditions of contracts for timber harvests and land management projects. Marketing timber based on sound, current knowledge of relevant markets and forest product economics including marketing and negotiation of service contracts.
  • Supervising maintenance and improvement of forest roads, stream crossings; preparation of bid packages and contracting for necessary services and materials relative to such maintenance.
  • Ensuring compliance with all laws and regulations applicable to DLLT forest resource operations including conservation easements, Federal contracts, and maintenance of FSC certification.
  • Planning and installation of recreational sites such as trails and primitive campsites.
  • Conducting public outreach to diverse audiences related to DLLT’s forestry program including tours, presentations, and written reports.
  • Assist in the development and maintenance of DLLT’s carbon credit program.

Desired Qualifications

  • Maine Forestry License or the ability to obtain a Maine Forestry license within one year of employment.
  • Bachelor’s degree or higher in Forestry, Forest Management, Natural Resources Management, or equivalent
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Proven ability to manage all aspects of commercial timber harvests in accordance with Best Management Practices and sustainable timber management certification requirements
  • Considerable knowledge of principles of conservation and management of wildlife and natural communities
  • Experience planning and maintaining forest roads to conserve soil and water resources
  • Experience with compliance obligations related to forest carbon offset projects
  • Training and experience with Stream Smart ecological road crossings for fish passage
  • Experience supervising seasonal employees or technicians
  • Substantial proficiency in analysis and interpretation of remote sensing data including GPS, GIS, LiDAR, and aerial imagery.

Compensation: Competitive salary and benefits commensurate with qualifications.


Send resume, cover letter, and contact information for 3 references in a single document by email to, ATTN: Community Forest Manager Position.  For more information on the Downeast Lakes Land Trust, see DLLT is an Equal Opportunity Employer. All applications must be received by Monday, April 11th.