Forests and Lakes – For People – Forever ®

Nature Journaling Class Unleashes Hidden Talents

September 10, 2013

Whitetail deerThe Downeast Lakes Land Trust protects “Forests and Lakes – For People – Forever”.  More of these people might now be found sitting quietly in the forest drawing.

DLLT Education and Communications Manager Tanya Rucosky led a nature journaling workshop on September 9th.  “Nature journaling is an opportunity to experiment, make a mess, challenge yourself, and most importantly – scribble outside the lines,” said Rucosky.  “Journaling gives us permission to try new things. We have to break down the stylized forms we get comfortable with either in writing or drawing, get out of our own way, and teach ourselves to see what really IS.”

“No more drawing trees that look like broccoli!” Declared one participant.

“I was never much good at drawing,” said another quietly pleased artist, “But this came out better than I thought.”