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National financial media spotlight on…. Grand Lake Stream, Maine?

August 5, 2011

Every year at this time, part of the national financial media swing their spotlights to the little village of Grand Lake Stream, Maine. Why?

Great fishing. Beautiful lakes surrounded by scenic undeveloped forests. Knowledgeable Guides offering a traditional experience in their cedar and canvas Grand Lake Canoes.  Great Maine summer weather.

OK, but all this wouldn’t attract financial media, right?

The financial media are here because David Kotok of Cumberland Advisors hosts an annual retreat that attracts dozens of leading economists and analysts.  They’re a group of friends and colleagues that could get together anywhere they choose.

That they choose Grand Lake Stream is good for the local economy… not only because lots of Guides are busy and Leen’s Lodge is full, but because people around the country will see and hear Grand Lake Stream, and consider a visit for their next vacation.  How about you?  Check our Visitor’s Guide!

Updated August 8th, 2011 with additional links:

Link to David Kotok with Michael McKee on Bloomberg Television’s “Inside Track”.

Link to Chris Arnold, NPR Morning Edition: Aug 5th story on this year’s Kotok event

Link to Barry Ritholz with Michael McKee on Bloomberg Television’s “InsideTrack.”, and his blog post.

Link to Nouriel Roubini with Michael McKee on Bloomberg Television.  Downeast Lakes Land Trust’s Farm Cove Community Forest in the background.  Ending quote from Michael McKee “At least we’re in a nice place”.

Link to Natalie Cohens with Michael McKee on Bloomberg Television

Bangor Daily News article by Kevin Miller: “Prominent economists get away – sort of – at Grand Lake Stream lodge”

Link to Chris Arnold, NPR Morning Edition: Aug 8th second story on this year’s Kotok event

Wall Street Journal article by Kathleen Madigan: Fishing for Takeaways from the S&P Downgrade