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Lakeville Management Plan Public Comments

April 8, 2022

In November 2021, working with The Trust For Public Land, Downeast Lakes Land Trust added the 2,015-acre Lakeville Forest Tract to the Downeast Lakes Community Forest.  The Community Forest is owned and managed for wildlife habitat, public recreational access, and a sustainable timber economy.

With the addition of this new parcel, DLLT has developed a comprehensive management plan that details road management, recreational infrastructure plans, improvements in public access, and much more.

Local community members know this landscape better than anyone, and we hope to gain as much public input as possible before this plan is in place. To read the plan, click here: Lakeville Forest Mgmt. Plan Draft.  Please send all comments or suggestions to, or mail written comments to Downeast Lakes Land Trust, 4 Water Street, Grand Lake Stream, ME 04668.  All public comments must be received by April 22.

We look forward to working with local communities in the Lakeville area, and thank you for your valuable input!