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Lake Monitoring Launches in Grand Lake Stream

July 15, 2014

Farm Cove Mountain from Pocumcus Lake

Farm Cove Mountain from Pocumcus Lake

The Downeast Lakes Land Trust was pleased to host Scott Williams the Executive Director of the Maine Volunteer Lake Monitoring Program for an intensive day-long lake monitor training program on Tuesday July 8. The VLMP fosters stewardship of Maine lakes and their watersheds in order to ensure high water quality and ecological integrity. This is accomplished by the collection of credible lake data by trained citizen volunteers, and by providing educational information concerning lakes to the citizens of Maine.

“The participants were good sports, even when we pushed some of them beyond their comfort zones.” said Mr. Williams.

“Scott was excellent,” said DLLT volunteer Deanna Sainati, “He laid a foundation of all the potential problems associated with lakes.  I think what he did was extremely important.  We are so lucky here in Grand Lake Stream, and we need to keep ourselves educated so that this place will stay that way.”

After a morning of classroom instruction, participants traveled out to the deeper points in West Grand Lake to hone their skills testing the clarity of the water with Secchi disks as well as looking out for aquatic weeds.  The newly trained monitors will be undertaking sites through-out the region, from the Talmadge area to 4th Lake including numerous lakes in between as well as West Grand Lake itself.

The Downeast Lakes Land Trust regularly hosts speakers, sponsors workshops, and leads outdoor adventures that highlight the natural and cultural history of the Maine woods and waters.  These programs support the DLLT’s commitment to protecting both the environmental and economic health of the Downeast Lakes region. Visit our website to discover what is happening next.