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Kyle Burdick Leads Tour of Timber Harvests

November 8, 2013

Forester Kyle Burdick led a tour of recent timber harvests conducted by Downeast Lakes Land Trust on the Farm Cove Community Forest on Wednesday, November 6.   The participants included new visitors to the property, along with regular DLLT volunteers, local residents, camp owners, small woodlot owners, and one of the contractors that has worked on the Community Forest.

Kyle discussed the trust’s general management approach and focus on integrating wildlife habitat and timber management objectives.  He showcased patch cuts designed to create early successional habitats, and individual tree selection harvests on Daugherty Ridge and near Farm Cove.

The group discussed the small brush piles the trust makes to create habitat for small rodents, important as prey for both furbearers and raptors.  Later, at the last stop on the tour, everyone watched as a goshawk swooped after a red squirrel.  After chattering fiercely, the squirrel completed its escape by dashing into one of the brush piles.