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Genealogy in Grand Lake Stream

July 19, 2013

Downeast Lakes Land Trust was pleased to present Virginia Graceffa on July 18th for a highly informative talk on the heritage of many local families of which she is part. From survivors of the frigid wade in off the Mayflower, to Secretaries of State and Victoria Cross winners, the blood that flows in the veins of Grand Lake Stream residents is steeped in our national history.

With a wealth of pictures of the town and its occupants, Virginia shared tales of scoundrels, victims, boats, and births, sprinkled with her grandfather’s poetry. Ginny added helpful resources for discovering one’s own roots, as well as keys to reading grave markers and family bibles, and tricks to figuring out naming patterns.

“This started as something to do when I retired,” said Virginia. “Maybe it’s just that I’m getting older myself, but I wish I would have asked my grandmother to tell more stories. I didn’t realize how important they were.” With that in mind, Ginny encouraged listeners to ask lots of questions of older relations, capture their stories, and keep letters and  documents which are road maps for all of our stories.