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Featured Volunteer: Al LaPlante

June 30, 2022

We love to highlight the work of the many volunteers who help drive community-led conservation in the Downeast Lakes region.  Without the tireless support from local citizens, DLLT’s mission would not be fulfilled.

If you’ve spent time in and around Grand Lake Stream, chances are you know Al LaPlante. The former co-owner of Chet’s Camps with his wife Sue, Al has been an ardent volunteer for DLLT for several years. In addition to serving for many years on DLLT’s Recreation Committee, Al has put his knowledge and outdoor expertise to good use in leading many of DLLT’s education programs.  A Maine Master Guide, Al has led children’s programs that include cooking a shore lunch, fly casting, and orienteering classes. He has also been the driving force behind the Downeast Lakes Geocache Challenge and building the map and compass course, bringing his passion for navigation to local students and residents.

“In addition to learning new skills with DLLT, there is a great social component to volunteering,” said LaPlante.

Along with helping DLLT, Al has extensive volunteer experience with helping lead the Grand Lake Stream ATV Club, an organization which has been a great partner working with DLLT on recreational access projects.  When not in Grand Lake Stream, Al has volunteered as a boat captain leading Eco Tours in Lake Griffin State Park in Florida and with the National Parks Service in the Trash Tracker program in Lake Powell in Arizona.

When speaking about his volunteer experiences with DLLT, Al stresses the importance of contributing to your local community.

“These DLLT projects provide excellent opportunities for older folks in town. A good vehicle for people to get out and help their community.”

DLLT is rolling out a new volunteer program, reaching out to local students and residents to assist with many of our ongoing projects.  These opportunities include hiking trail and campsite maintenance, assisting with public events, helping complete wildlife surveys, and much more.  To see how you can help further conservation successes in the Downeast Lakes region, please check out our Volunteer Opportunities page, or email DLLT’s Sarah Cote at  Thank you to Al, and all our dedicated volunteers!