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Princeton Rod & Gun Club Meeting: Milfoil in Big Lake

Princeton Rod & Gun Club Meeting: Milfoil in Big Lake


7:00 pm - 8:30 pm


Princeton Rod and Gun Club
Greenland Point Road, Princeton, ME, 04668

In late fall of 2019 the invasive aquatic plant, variable water-milfoil (VWM), was discovered growing in Clifford Bay, Big Lake. This year, Lake Stewards of Maine’s (LSM) team of experienced volunteer Invasive Plant Patrollers (IPPers)–with the support of area partners–is conducting a comprehensive survey of the lake to determine the extent of spread of this notorious invader within the lake.

Roberta Hill, Invasive Species Program Director for LSM, will be the speaker at the next Princeton Rod & Gun Club Meeting. Roberta will bring us up to date on the survey and removal efforts, share known locations of VWM within the lake, and let us know how we can all help with the effort to contain, monitor, and mitigate the Big Lake infestation. All attendees will receive (and learn how to use) LSM’s waterproof, tear-resistant “Quick Key” which allows users to quickly determine whether or not any plant found in growing in the lake is a suspected invader. We will also see live samples of the invasive variable leaf-milfoil. There will be plenty of time for questions and answers.