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Baxter Outdoors’ Downeast Lakes 5-Miler

Baxter Outdoors' Downeast Lakes 5-Miler


8:30 am - 12:00 pm


West Grand Lake Dam
Shaw Street, Grand Lake Stream, ME, 04668

Co-hosted by Baxter Outdoors and Downeast Lakes Land Trust, the “Downeast Lakes 5-Miler” is a trail race not to be missed!  This annual race takes place on the western shore of West Grand Lake along DLLT’s Little Mayberry Cove Trail, and consists of a 5.1-mile loop on single-track hiking and dirt, motorized-vehicle paths.

The terrain is coarse at times and racers should expect roots, rocks, and mud throughout large sections of the course. But for each drop of sweat you shed, you’ll be rewarded with complete isolation. No cars, no homes (except for a few small cabins), and no pavement. This is a true wilderness trail run designed for those looking to immerse themselves in nature. This race is part of the Downeast Conservation Trail Race Series.

This race is the day before DLLT’s annual West Grand Lake Canoe Races. Bring your running shoes for Saturday, and your boat and paddle for Sunday, and make a weekend of it in Grand Lake Stream!

Baxter Outdoors is the outdoor adventure division of Baxter Brewing Company, based in Lewiston, ME.

Registration for the race is being handled by Baxter Outdoors and can be found here.  For more information, please contact DLLT at (207) 796-2100, or email