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Downeast Lakes Land Trust Honors Local Conservationist

August 8, 2014

Sue La Plante and Pete Borden

Sue La Plante and Pete Borden

The Downeast Lakes Land Trust’s (DLLT) President and Vermont Poet Laureate, Sydney Lea bestowed the Downeast Lakes Conservation Award on long-time supporter Pete Borden in acknowledgment of his key role in the initiation and continued growth of the Land Trust.

“Downeast Lakes Land Trust would never have developed as it has without the able counsel and guidance of Pete Borden. Drawing on his many years of experience in business management, Pete researched the needs of the community and tailored the trust’s existence as a non-profit business entity with the region’s best economic interests at heart. He was a force from the day that DLLT was conceived, and the directors are delighted to honor him as a conservation hero.” said Lea at the DLLT Annual Picnic on July 27th.

“It was Pete who put DLLT on the road to accounting and fiscal responsibility.” DLLT Board member Ed McGrath later added.  “He designed and supervised the Land Trust’s first study of the economic conditions and potential for development in our region of Washington County.”

The award, a handcrafted paddle made by local canoe builder, Dale Tobey, was accepted for Mr. Borden, by his daughter, Kim Arnold, who is currently the treasurer of DLLT’s Board of Directors. Neil H. “Pete” Borden fell in love with the area as a young boy, summering in the area with his grandfather.  He has hosted his own grandchildren for the past 26 years, instilling in them a passion for the area. Until retirement, Mr. Borden held the Richard S. Reynolds Professorship in Business Administration at the Darden Graduate School of Business Administration at the University of Virginia.  He holds a BA from Bates College, and an MBA and DBA from Harvard University.

The Downeast Lakes Land Trust congratulates Pete on his achievement. It is with great pride that the DLLT recognizes him as one of the many people who support its mission of contributing to the long-term economic and environmental well-being of the Downeast Lakes region through the conservation and exemplary management of its forests and waters.