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Thank you for your interest in supporting Downeast Lakes Land Trust! You can use this page to make an immediate, secure, online contribution. Consider the option to make a recurring gift! All donations are final. Downeast Lakes Land Trust is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, and contributions are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.



Thank you gifts are available as a token of our gratitude. We ship to addresses in the continental US, or hold your gift for you to pick up in Grand Lake Stream. Use the comment field on the donation form to add special instructions or requests. For example, you may choose to donate more and select a different gift, or choose to not receive a gift, if you prefer.

For a donation of $20 or more

Grand Lake Stream, Maine photo poster

Grand Lake Stream, (20″ by 26″) Maine photo poster

For a donation of $35 or more

DLLT hat, blaze orange

DLLT ballcap, blaze orange

DLLT ballcap, winter green

DLLT ballcap, green

DLLT winter hat, blaze orange

DLLT winter hat, green

DLLT winter hat, green

For a donation of $50 or more

DLLT Tumbler

DLLT Travel Mug

For a donation of $75 or more

DLLT T-shirt, “Discover Downeast Lakes”

For a donation of $100 or more

Special Edition Print (19” x 24”) of a Grand Lake Stream watercolor by artist Gretchen Mead of Whiting.

Special Edition Print (19” x 24”) of a Grand Lake Stream watercolor by artist Gretchen Mead of Whiting

For a donation of $200 or more

DLLT full-zip fleece

DLLT full-zip fleece, forest green

Other ways to support DLLT

  • Volunteer your time and talents: There are multiple ways to get involved. Check out our Volunteer Page for more information.
  • Monthly Giving: Automated contributions can be convenient for you, and such reliable support increases our efficiency and focus on our conservation work. (Use the link near the top of this page and when filling out the form, be sure to select the box for a recurring gift.)
  • Donate Online: Make an immediate secure online contribution!
  • Donate by Mail: Send your check to Downeast Lakes Land Trust, 137 Milford Road, Grand Lake Stream, ME 04668.
  • Gifts In Memory or In Honor: Create a lasting tribute to someone important to you. Whether you give online or by mail, simply let us know if your donation is a memorial or tribute gift. If you provide contact information, we will notify those you honor.
  • Gifts of Stock: Avoid potential capital gains taxes by making a gift of appreciated securities. Please contact us by emailing or calling (207) 796-2100 so we can provide transfer instructions and notify our bank to expect a donation transaction.
  • Corporate Partners: Businesses that support our vision for the long term economic and environmental well-being of the Downeast Lakes Region are featured on our website. Click here to learn more about the program and see our current Corporate Partners.
  • Estate Planning: It’s easy to name Downeast Lakes Land Trust in your will, and it is a powerful way to create a legacy. Although there is no obligation to let us know, we would be pleased to hear from you if you have included Downeast Lakes Land Trust in your will! There also can be tax benefits to naming Downeast Lakes Land Trust as a beneficiary, or back-up beneficiary, for all or a portion of your life insurance policy or retirement plan.
  • Gifts of Land or Conservation Easements: Please contact us if you are considering any gift of real estate.
  • Like and Follow us on Social Media: Share our posts and events, engage with our content by liking and commenting, and invite your friends! Facebook and Instagram

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