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DLLT Promotes Community Involvement for Water Quality Monitoring

June 29, 2015

Presentation by: Tanya Rucosky

Article by: Kallie Clapper

The Downeast Lakes Land Trust offered an introduction to water quality testing presented by Tanya Rucosky for local community members on Sunday, June 14th at the GLS School Building and in nearby Grand Lake Stream. Tanya instructed the group on how to collect stream water samples and how to perform multiple chemical tests useful for stream health assessment. Later, the group performed a sample collection of macro invertebrates at the stream and identified different species present in the sample.

Both chemical and ecological measures were used to identify the stream health for the sample study area. The chemical tests measured dissolved oxygen, alkalinity, phosphates, nitrogen, pH and turbidity. For the ecological test, participants took stream samples and identified which species of macroinvertebrates were present in the sample. To our luck, the majority of identified species were pollutant intolerant. The characteristics of these organisms indicate good stream health because they thrive in unpolluted environments.

This program was part of an initiative to get local community members familiar with the parameters used to assess water quality. The program provided a fun and educational experience for all who attended. Tanya taught attendees how to assess local water sources effectively and the importance of water quality monitoring to support the aquatic life in the Downeast Lakes region.

The DLLT regularly hosts speakers, community forums, work parties, and workshops and leads outdoor adventures that highlight the natural and cultural history of the Maine woods and waters. Visit our website to discover what is happening next, and keep an eye out for more information on future efforts to keep our forests and waters clean for the enjoyment of all!