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Information and Resources

Educational Resources:

For a description and schedule of summer programs please visit Education Programs. We work hard to ensure students have outdoor education resources. If you have questions about educational resources or events you can contact Education and Volunteer Coordinator, Sarah Cote, at or call our office at 207-796-2100.

To continue learning and exploring more about conservation, the environment, and nature-based education, try these external websites:

Camping Resources:

The State of Maine has published guidelines on remote camping sites, like the camp sites provided by DLLT. Please abide by all local and state laws when using tent camp sites or enjoying the community forest.

Visit the Paddling and Camping page for more information about DLLT’s water trail campsites.

Helpful Technology:

  • Canva : Free Social and Print Media design tool to help you connect with your customers.
  • Google Hangouts: Free virtual meetings tool where you can share presentations and see others for important meetings that can not be conducted over the phone.
  • Maine Internet Access Help: See a list of providers with free or reduced rates for households with students. See COVID-19 related internet provider packages.
  • MailChimp: Email newsletter application to help you send information out quickly and efficiently to all your stakeholders and customers.

CARES Act Information:

For the most up to date CARES Act information visit:

You can also contact your local bank for more information on financial assistance.*

*DLLT is not affiliated with any financial institution and can not provide financial guidance in any form. Please check with your local financial agent.