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Children’s Explorations & Adventures Wrap Up for the Summer

August 20, 2013

The Explorations & Adventures group gathered for the last time this summer with Maine Birding Trail founder Bob Duchesne to birdwatch and learn about our feathered neighbors.  While breeding season is long over, and most fledglings have already taken flight, there is still a lot of bird activity to hear in the forests around Grand Lake Stream.  After listening to and practicing the calls of common warblers, finches and thrushes, adventurers took to the woods alternating “pishing” with highly active listening.

“We saw an osprey, hummingbirds, cedar waxwings and warblers!” declared one enthusiastic 6 year old amateur birder.

The Explorations & Adventures team wrapped up the season with an ice cream social, kindly donated by the Grand Lake Stream Folk Art Festival. As the children dug into maple syrup and blueberry sundaes, Downeast Lakes Land Trust Education Manager, Tanya Rucosky, reflected. “This has been a fun and busy summer. A number of children came to most every program.  I got to know them, and we all learned a great deal from each other.  We have some truly great naturalists coming up through the ranks here in Grand Lake Stream, and its an honor to teach them, and share with them that things that make Grand Lake Stream so special. The kids have examined water bugs, hiked to Little Mayberry Cove, discovered how trees work, got pointers on being better photographers, caught frogs, learned the Mosquito Dance and held a snake. I’m already looking forward to next year. The children have been coming to me all summer with  great  new ideas and I’m eager to make them happen.”

Next summer Downeast Lakes Land Trust plans to offer both an Explorations & Adventures program for children ages 6 to 10, as well as a series of more advanced outdoor activities and skills for older students.

Keep an eye out for our newsletters and  visit our facebook page to get next year’s schedule of children’s and youth activities.