Forests and Lakes – For People – Forever ®

Children Explore the Downeast Lakes Land Trust

July 16, 2014

Nathaniel Mercier considers the forest as he make notes in his journal.

Tuesday summer mornings are for children at the Downeast Lakes Land Trust.  Young adventurers created their own handmade journals and have set out into the forest to document their findings as they explore the tiny and the tremendous.  Last week participants explored various types of mosses and lichens and build terrariums to take home slices of forest habitat for their own.

This week, with forester Kyle Burdick, participants explored how forests are managed for wildlife, water quality, to produce a sustainable supply of lumber that supports the local economy. “My job,” said Kyle, “Is  to make sure we have trees now for wood and to give people jobs and also have trees in the future for the animals.”

Highlights of the morning included watching a grapple skidder and a delimber in operation, and visiting an arch culvert where DLLT intern David Montague explained how they  benefit aquatic life.

“I think it is desperately important,” said one parent attending, “That kids see that forest management isn’t an all or none proposition.  An openness and a commitment to “AND” is the only practical way we can manage the environment responsibly for everyone.”

Next week, the free Exploration and Adventures program will lead participants ages 6-11 on a hike of discovery down the DLLT’s Little Mayberry Cove Trail. No registration is required. Contact the DLLT at 796-2100 or email for more details.