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An Important Time For Wildlife

July 5, 2017

A reminder to everyone exploring and recreating in the Downeast Lakes Community Forest.  Summer love is in the air! During late spring and early summer, the Downeast Lakes region is bursting at the seams with new life.  Animals that are waking from their winter slumber or returning from migration are in the midst of reproducing and rearing their young in the forests and lakes.

Whether you are heading out in a grand laker, paddling along the many miles of shoreline, or hiking the trails, please be mindful of the many species of young animals that are only just beginning to succeed on their own.  Of particular note are the many species of birds nesting along and near the lakeshore.  Common Terns are currently nesting on top of Caribou Rock (a favorite local swimming spot on West Grand Lake), many Common Loons nest along the immediate shorelines of the Downeast Lakes, and there are several nesting pairs of Bald Eagles in the area.  If you’re in the woods, be sure to keep your distance from young fawns, bear cubs, and other mammals because Mama might be right around the corner.  The Downeast Lakes region has always had a strong connection to the local wildlife.  Practicing safety and respect goes a long way to ensuring the long-term success of native species.