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90 seconds on “People and the Environment”

January 20, 2011

Today, Mark Berry was a featured speaker at a Roundtable on People and the Environment attended by Maine Governor Paul LePage and around 500 Maine people.  Testimony from each speaker was limited to ninety seconds.  The event was co-sponsored by the Natural Resources Council of Maine and 27 organizations.

Governor’s Roundtable on People and the Environment, January 20, 2011

“Governor LePage,

Grand Lake Stream and Washington County have a long heritage as a destination for outdoor recreation.

Downeast Lakes Land Trust was founded in 2001 by Guides, lodge owners, and residents who recognize that our economic and environmental well-being depend on our forests, lakes, and streams.

With many partners we have conserved 450 miles of lakeshore and 350,000 acres of forests and wildlife habitats with guaranteed public recreation access.  These forests sustain over 1,000 jobs through the timber industry.

Downeast Lakes Land Trust manages over 33,000 acres as a Community Forest for wildlife habitat, public recreation, and the timber economy.

The Maine Department of Conservation and the Land for Maine’s Future Program have been essential to our success and we look forward to a continued partnership.

We are working to conserve 22,000 acres around Grand Lake Stream, with the support of residents who voted unanimously to contribute $40,000.  The West Grand Lake Community Forest project is also the top national priority for the federal Forest Legacy Program.

I encourage you to learn more at and to visit Grand Lake Stream.  Our economy depends on our forests, lakes, fish, and wildlife.  People choose to visit, live, and work here because of our spectacular environment and quality outdoor recreation.  Thank you.”

Mark Berry, Executive Director, Downeast Lakes Land Trust

Updated January 24, 2011:

George Smith described the event on his blog,, in “LePage Listens to Environmentalists” and highlighted Mark Berry’s comments along with compelling statements by other speakers.

Updated January 25, 2011:

The event and DLLT comments were also featured in by George Smith, in “Enviros: For Good & God, LePage Should Go Green”.