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2020 Downeast Lakes Conservation Award Winners

November 4, 2020

With the ongoing pandemic having altered many summer plans, Downeast Lakes Land Trust’s annual meeting and picnic on the shores of West Grand Lake was held in a virtual format.  While things weren’t quite the same without the friendly handshakes and hugs, beautiful views, and excellent Maine Guide cooking, DLLT was still able to convey all of the great activities and exciting new projects happening in the Downeast Lakes Community Forest.

The DLLT Annual Meeting wouldn’t be the same without the awarding of the Downeast Lakes Conservation Award.  Since 2010, this award has honored those who have made extraordinary contributions toward the long-term economic and environmental well-being of the Downeast Lakes region of Maine.

This year’s recipients are two local organizations who do amazing jobs providing safe, sustainable access to the Downeast Lakes Community Forest. The 2020 award was presented to the Grand Lake Stream ATV Club and the Grand Lake Snowmobile Club.  Whether improving trails, building public recreational access points, hosting work days, or holding outreach events, these all-volunteer clubs work with numerous local landowners to improve motorized recreation in the Downeast Lakes region.  With more than 81 miles of maintained trail, the GLS ATV Club works tirelessly in the spring, summer, and fall months to ensure a safe and fun experience for all riders.  When the snow starts to fly, the Grand Lake Snowmobile Club grooms 84 miles of trail in the Downeast Lakes Community Forest and beyond on the Maine ITS system. Both clubs emphasize safe and responsible motorized recreation in the Maine outdoors, and promote respect for private landowners and high standards of trail design and maintenance. Without the hard work of these tireless volunteers, recreational life in and around Grand Lake Stream would not be the same.

“Thank you so much,” said GLS ATV Club President Deanna Sainati. “This represents so many members that put so much time and effort into keeping this a beautiful place.  We really appreciate the recognition.”

Each club was awarded a handcrafted white ash canoe paddle made by Dale Tobey of Grand Lake Canoe and Paddle.  The paddle was decorated with a wood-burned design by local artist Michelle Burke.  These paddles are both on display in The Pine Tree Store for everyone to view.  Check out the video below for more details!

2020 Downeast Lakes Conservation Award