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10th Annual West Grand Lake Race Offers Competition and Community Spirit

August 5, 2014

Racers getting into position to start

Racers getting into position to start

The Downeast Lakes Land Trust had a stunningly beautiful day for its 10th Annual West Grand Lake Races.   Thirty-two racers from competitive paddlers to relaxed family groups (with dogs) registered canoes, kayaks, a rowing scull, and paddled a Grand Laker.   Participants ranging in age from 68 to 4 traversed either the 6 mile, 4 mile, or a 1/3 mile courses.

The longer races started and finished in the village of Grand Lake Stream after lapping around Munson or Kole Kill Islands respectively in West Grand Lake. Paddlers enjoyed traveling the undeveloped shoreline of the land trust’s 33,708-acre Farm Cove Community Forest. ” I used to race to win,” said the oldest participant, “Now I just race to finish.”  Finish everyone did, with the last boat pulling in in two and a half hours.

A post-race picnic wrapped up the day on the generous lawn of Grand Lake Lodge hosted by Lindsay and Chris Wheaton.  There paddlers compared notes, discussed boats and weather conditions, and were presented with awards.

The Downeast Lakes Land Trust regularly hosts speakers, sponsors workshops, and leads outdoor adventures that highlight the natural and cultural history of the Maine woods and waters.  These programs support the DLLT’s commitment to protecting both the environmental and economic health of the Downeast Lakes region. Visit our website to discover what is happening next.

Race Results:

4 Mile:

Canoe 2 people Male: Dan Jones/ Owen Watts      46.20

Kayak 1 Male: John Mitchell                                    51.29

Kayak 2 Mixed: Calvin Butler/Maddie Doyle            47.49

Kayak 1 Female: Colleen Mitchell                           54.44

Kayak 2 Female: Jenna Hartman/ Sarah Keyes      57.21

War Canoe: McCullough/Donnelly/Keyes                1:17:33

6 Miles

Canoe 2 Male: Bob and Alan Grosse                           52.52

Kayak 2 Female: Adrienne Carmack/ Anna Bryan       90.34


Vivian Noakes                                                                 5.55

Course records are:

12-mile: 1 hour 43 minutes, by the War Canoe paddled by Ron Bomberger, Chip Loring, Mark Ranco, Chris Francis, in 2013

6-mile: 56:50, by the War Canoe paddled by Chip Loring, Mark Ranco, Dan Jones, and Terry Wescott in 2012

4-mile: 43:12, by Mark Berry & Asa Berry in a K-2, in 2011