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10 Days until Opening Day on Grand Lake Stream. Predictions for Ice Out?

March 21, 2012

We’ve had an uncommonly warm winter, also with less snow than usual. Now that spring has officially arrived, with temperatures in the 70s this week, thoughts are turning to open water. Opening Day for fishing on Grand Lake Stream is April 1st, and there is likely to be far less snow on the banks than usual.

Meanwhile, the lake ice is starting to turn dark, and ice-out could also be early this year if warm-weather and sun continue to prevail. What’s your prediction for ice-out? Answer at the DLLT Facebook page, in the comments under the “West Grand Wednesday” photo from March 21st, where you’ll also find a picture of the lake ice – and open water – as of March 20.

If you’re making plans to head to Grand Lake Stream for spring fishing, take a moment to consider being a part of the West Grand Lake Community Forest Project – this year is our opportunity to protect 1/4 mile along Grand Lake Stream and 17 miles of lakeshore.  Your contribution would make a difference.

Here is a graph of the historical ice-out data from West Grand Lake, gathered over the years (since 1878!) by the Staples family of Grand Lake Stream:

West Grand Ice Out Chart